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Mixalis debut singles were written by the prolific lyricist Ilias Phillipou who has worked with some of the most influential Greek artists of this time. Collaborating with the ever popular Harry K, who has worked with Lefteris Pantazis, Notis Sfakianakis and Zafiris Melas, his driving force behind the music production on these two debut singles is highly acclaimed.

As Mixalis Theodosiou continues to promote his debut singles and perform, there is no doubt that this grounded and humble singer from North London will continue to grace and encapsulate the Greek community and beyond with his voice.

You can see him perform live every Friday and Saturday at The Apollo Bouzoukia restaurant, Seven Sisters Road.

It was only a matter of time before young singer Mixalis Theodosiou topped the LGR music charts with his debut number one single 'ELA NIXTA FIGE NIXTA' and with his second debut 'ERHONTE STIGMES' shortly following. After his release showcase at The Apollonia Restraunt in Gants Hill, Mixalis has received an undoubtly explosive response with communities and followers showing their endless support and praise.

Born and raised in West London to parents of Cypriot descent, the natural passion Mixalis developed for music was evident at an early age. He found great inspiration in his Father, who is a traditional Greek violinist and who remains an important figure in Mixalis life and musical career. His Father introduced him to playing various instruments along with the basic foundations of Greek music which Mixalis has now clearly built upon. Throughout the years, his natural musical ability has enabled him to become fluent in playing the drums, violin, keyboards, guitar and bouzouki.  Although having built up a wealth of musical experience playing instruments, Mixalis talent and passion lay with singing. An impressive repertoir of both traditional and modern Greek music is complimented by his effortlessness to perform and sing in a variety of languages.

Not a stranger to the stage, Mixalis has been performing alongside his Father since the age of 14 at weddings, christenings and other various engagements while his first singing appearance was at his local Greek School Dinner and Dance aged 15. He continued to build up a profile for himself performing with various bands and artists and by his early teenage years he was headlining various North London Bouzoukia Night Clubs. Mixalis then went on to form his own band, Cleopatra with Andy Varnava. He stands as the front man singer alongside five other muscians who together have played all over the country entertaining countless communities and audiences while more recently had the opportunity to be the opening act for Yiorgos Tsalikis.